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In our life, there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.”

The quote above are the words of Marc Chagall, the painter of figurative art. His father was a Jewish Orthodox laborer, and his mother was just a humble shopkeeper.

In a 1922 issue of the Yiddish literary magazine Shtrom, Marc was also quoted as saying:

            “If I were not a Jew, I wouldn’t have been an artist…I would be a different artist all together.”

Luckily, he was a Jew, else the world would not have known and come to love such a simple and professional gentleman with a marvelous taste of artistic talent.

His Simple Life

Have you ever heard about the Pale of Settlement? It was a part of Russia where Jews were oppressed. Chagall was born in that same area in the city of Vitebsk which is now part of Belarus, on July 7, 1887.

His childhood was simple and wasn’t all that easy. His parents had to bribed officials for him to attend the Jewish Elementary school and later on the art school in St. Petersburg.

But Chagall knew, just like all other successful painters, that success doesn’t come easy. So, with his eyes on the prize, he dedicated three years to his studies at St. Petersburg.

Something must have happened in 1908 while he was in St. Petersburg because according to critics, Chagall felt dejected and unsuccessful, so he returned to Vitebsk where he painted The Dead Man that same year.

Nonetheless, criticisms did not stop this brilliant artist from becoming an internationally recognized poetic and figurative artist.

Key Ideas

  • Although his Jewish background was the motivation behind his paintings, he also drew reference from Christian themes because he found them appealing.
  • He also loves painting Christ figures, depicting Christ suffering.
  • He was only committed to figurative and narrative art.
  • His work was described as “supernatural” due to its dream-like quality, rich colors, and fluent painterly style.
  • At 53, he took up residence in New York.

Marc Chagall’s Art

There’s no doubt that Chagall was popular. One of Marc Chagall’s memorable contribution to the art form was his work with stained glass that allowed him to create intensity with colors. In later years Marc also created stained glass windows for synagogues and churches throughout Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Where is Marc Chagall’s Art Today?

Although the whole world mourned his passing, when he died at the age of 97, his work still lives on.

Today Marc Chagall’s paintings have been carefully selected and are now available throughout many art galleries and museums worldwide. OnesSimo Fine Art Gallery is also proud to display some of Marc Chagall’s famous masterpieces. For instance, in our gallery, you will find paintings such as The Red Rooster (1952), The Lovers Heaven (1963) and The Painter with Candle Stick (1984) – these are simply exquisite.

Without a doubt, Marc Chagall lived an enjoyable and artistic life that was filled with beautiful discoveries.