Mackenzie Thorpe

“As a boy I used to play football with a goalpost drawn onto the side of a house.” 


That love of drawing and the need to create art was something that appeared very early in Mackenzie and is still his passion today.  In his childhood, he used whatever raw materials were on hand, sometimes drawing on cigarette packs with pencil stubs, even using pilfered lipstick and eye shadow from his mother’s purse!  Perhaps that is where his subtleties in shading began, and his dramatic use of color took shape.


Mackenzie grew up in the 1950’s in Middlesborough England, the child of a laborer and a nurse.  Life was often hard, as it was for many working class families, additionally, Mackenzie struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia.  He found his voice through his art and left school, worked manual labor jobs and continued with his passion; drawing and painting.   Despite his difficulties with formal education, he eventually mustered up his courage to apply to art school.  He has since become an artist known world wide, renowned for the powerful honesty and moving inspiration of his work.


Mr. Thorpe’s work has earned great distinction on many levels.  Several cities across the globe have commissioned him for public sculpture, he has been awarded an honorary Master’s Degree, Doctor of Arts from Teesside University, and he was chosen to create an original pastel to honor her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee.  We are honored to be chosen to feature a variety of his best works in pastels such as “Love Through The Snow” and “Down the River”.  Our gallery is fortunate to have numerous sculptural pieces such as “Lover’s Entwined” and “Bringer of Sunshine” in cast bronze, as well as others in metals and resins.  Onessimo Fine Art is also proud to offer limited edition prints.


Mackenzie Thorpe continues to grow and experiment as an artist, always sharing the joy and emotion of the human experience in his work.

“Despite leaving school without any qualifications (he was later diagnosed with dyslexia) and struggling to enter art school as a result of his learning difficulties, Mackenzie Thorpe has beaten all the odds to become one of England’s best-loved artists.”  – Society Magazine, London

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