Josef Kote – The Man Behind the Painting

”Light, both in life and in art, has been an intriguing concept for me.  I pour myself onto each painting I create and every time the motivation is finding the light.”  – Josef Kote

If you are a lover of fine arts, then you will love and appreciate the works of Josef Kote, a natural Albanian artist, born in 1964. The art world is captivated by Josef’s brilliant and colorful display of representational art.  Without a doubt, his masterpieces depict light, energy, and color in a unique way.

Knowing the history of Josef Kote will bring to light his passion for painting.

His Early Life

As a young boy, Josef knew what route his life would take. He always had an urge to paint images in various forms, colors and shapes. He knew exactly what he wanted, and he was determined on becoming an artist. This determination led him, at the age of 13, to enroll in one of Albania’s finest art school, the National Lyceum of Arts in Tirana, where he studied for 4 years.

Growth is an important word in Josef Kote’s vocabulary. He believed in obtaining the best so attending the National Lyceum of Arts was not enough, he needed more. In 1984 he was accepted into the “Academy of Fine Arts”. At the Academy of Fine Arts his education was based purely on the traditional approach to painting. He was not motivated by such an approach. He wanted to do things in different ways, he wanted to experiment and break free from traditions.

However, in 1988 he graduated with a Degree in painting and scenography. This was the tool he needed to enter the world of art to express his own unique style and techniques.

His Professional Life

He started his professional career at the Petro Marko Theatre in Vlore as a scenographer. As his career grew he got the urge to spread his wings to go and see what other opportunities existed beyond the walls of Albania.

Therefore, in 1990, he journied to Greece where he immediately started exhibiting his artistic talent. In Greece the young artist gained several awards and commissions for his fine works. One such commission was the 1998 painting ”The Meeting of the Leaders” for the Hellenic Cultural Union in Thessaloniki, which depicted the Assembly of the Founders of Modern Greece.

At that time, Konstantinos Stephanopoulos was the President of Greece. He too experienced the natural talent of Josef, through a portrait Josef did of him in 2009.

Although his time in Greece was successful, that was not enough for him. So, after spending ten years he started his journey once more and landed in Toronto.  In Toronto he captured gorgeous urban sceneries and gave his paintings more expressive feel. He gained popularity as the years flew by with his outstanding masterpieces. He saw his dream and years of hard labor unfolding in his eyes, this made him want to reach even higher heights.

In the year 2009, Josef Kote hit the “Big Apple”. New York was where he excelled. His artistic colors grew bolder, and his style was one of a kind. He worked continuously and was always coming up with fresh innovations and creative styles.

His Contribution to ONESSIMO Fine Arts

Josef Kote’s contribution to ONESSIMO Fine Arts exceeds expectations. A tour of the gallery will reveal some of Kote’s finest masterpieces. His distinctive styles and techniques create beautiful and breathtaking artwork that captivate viewers with an incredible energy.

In an interview, Josef stated that he created art to evoke emotions and that his focus is to put his imagination and creativity to work.

His imagination and creativity has sparked quite a lot of interest in his selection of paintings at ONESSIMO. Moreover, clients are mesmerized by his “bold brush work and sweeping strokes of vibrant colors”.


Today, Josef Kote is recognized worldwide for his contributions to the world of art. His paintings can be found in numerous art galleries across the nation. He still paints and resides in New York, but who knows what the future holds for such an incredible and brilliant artist who is motivated by light?

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