Onessimo Fine Arts Galleries is pleased to present works by French artist, and national treasure, Jean-Marie Duaiv.  From the coastal region of France near Bordeaux, this incredible painter is inspired by the impressionist works of Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh.  Born in 1952, the artist showed talent at a very young age, being the child of a classical pianist and a sculptor, he picked up the first paintbrush at the tender age of 3.  When he was just 9 years old, he undertook and finished his first painting in oils.  Monsieur Duaiv, however, had other ideas for the budding young artist.  Rather than painting supplies, he gave his son a cello.  Fortunately for the world, the young Duaiv never gave up his love of visual arts, even as he pursued his education on the cello.  He worked hard, and was talented enough to receive a classical education in both music and art.


At the age of 23, Duaiv was fortunate to meet surrealist Salvador Dali.  Dali inspired the young aspiring artist to pursue art as a career, and encouraged Duaiv to use both of his passions for art and music. He still does both passionately and regularly, every day, as a matter of fact!  When you attend a gallery opening or book signing for his paintings, you are likely to be treated to an impromptu cello concert.  These “happenings”, as he calls them, are his way of blending the two arts that have meant so much to his life, and sharing them with and inspiring audiences.


Duaiv’s paintings are bright, lively, cheerful, and full of movement and light.  One can see the influence of masters such as Van Gogh in his bold, dynamic brush strokes, the softness of Monet’s palette blending, as Duaiv creates modernly vibrant impressionistic works of his own.  Duaiv paints the world around him, particularly verdant peaceful countrysides, energetic bustling metropolitan areas, and portraiture.  Known at the national level, and world famous, we are lucky to have this amazing artisan as a Florida local now.  Join us at Onessimo for a stroll through the works of this creative genius.

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